Bullet cameras can only point in one direction. To anyone looking at the camera, it’s obvious as to which direction the security camera is pointing. This could give intruders the ability to map out where your security coverage is leading them to areas which you have potentially overlooked in your security camera set up.

However, bullet security cameras are very adaptable and have a place in nearly every security camera system installation. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors as the majority are weather proof. In fact, most bullet cameras have better weatherproofing than dome cameras.

Also, because the manufacturer is not limited in the amount of space they have to place with then designing the camera, they will also come with very useful features such as day/night mode and infrared.

Bullet cameras are very easy to install, they have a mount which needs to be attached to the wall and, for wired cameras, a wire to run out of the camera. However, being easy to install also means they are easy to disable and can be knocked out of place with a rock or stick.

Hikvision IR Bullet Camera Installation