Dome security cameras get their name from the way they look. The camera is housed in a dome-like cover. They are designed to be unobtrusive. Whilst they aren’t invisible or covert they can tend to go unnoticed. These are most often used in retail and business settings whereby the owner wants people to know they are being monitored but without the cameras sticking out like a sore thumb.

One of the advantages of a dome security camera is its shape. To an onlooker, at a distance, it looks like the camera could be facing any direction. It’s only when you get up close and inspect the unit can you see where the camera is pointing.

Some dome cameras come with a frosted or mirrored cover.  This means that no matter how close you get, you will not be able to see the direction the security camera is facing.

Another advantage of a dome security camera is that it is vandal resistant. The compact and static nature of the design gives the camera extra resistance against any attempts to disable the camera through brute force. As the cameras are fixed directly to the wall or ceiling without a mount, it’s incredibly difficult to knock it off.

When it comes to disadvantages of this type of camera there are a few to mention.

They are not suitable if you are trying to communicate to would be burglars that the property has security cameras installed as they are discreet.

The design of the camera makes them less weatherproof compared to other types of cameras. Whilst the front of the camera is compact, the back is often not due to the wiring. Dust and water could potentially seep through the back of the casing. When working out where to place these cameras – ideally, put them below an overhang so they are somewhat shielded from the elements.